Girls panties? no male to female transformation
Men wearing girls underwear
Femme style panties for men

Men wearing girl’s underwear is nothing new, they have been doing it ever since silky slinky panties started being made in fact pilots in the Air Force had been wearing panty hose for decades to keep their legs warm and the blood circulating. It could also be that pilots loved the way panty hose feel the same as men who love the feel of ladies underwear. This site is all about the love of underwear, panties and swimwear. Men are so fortunate that they no longer need to wear girl’s underwear because the designs made for men are even sexier, slinkier and silkier. There are amazing designs that fit the male body much better than any girl’s underwear ever could. There are designs that cling to the exact shape of the penis, pouches that keep you erect and even incredible designs that completely feminize you in a way that girl’s underwear never could come close to duplicating.

It's fun, sexy, exciting and normal!

There is Nothing Wrong with Men Wearing Girl’s Underwear

Hearing about men wearing girl’s underwear isn’t anything new these days. Everyone has that one friend that “accidently” put on his girlfriend’s panties after a rough night of partying and didn’t realize it until they got to the gym to change clothes. But what you may not realize is that there are guys out there that will wear nothing but girl’s panties all the time and refuse to wear anything made for men. Now you might think there is something wrong with these guys but there really isn’t. They usually know that women’s underwear can be much more comfortable to wear than mens underwear and while they may not brag about it they certainly won't shy away from telling you the truth if you ask them. You see not all men wearing girl’s underwear and total pervs that are just looking for a way to get off. Some of them just like the fact that they can wear underwear that is truly comfortable and makes them feel good about themselves.