Men wearing girls underwear

I think just about every boy and man as tried on a pair of girls underwear before.

Some of us men as it turns out get into wearing ladies underwear, many of us graduate to more extreme forms of men’s extreme swim and fetish wear which looks very similar to girls underwear but are designed specifically for men to show off their natural assets. When men wear girls underwear it is immediately evident that they feel great they are so much more sexy then regular underwear for men

And that men look hot wearing girls underwear and panties. I became interested in this subject many years ago having two older sisters that would always be prancing around in their string bikinis, so slinky and smooth I knew I would have to try a pair on. I got in the habit of wearing girls underwear all the time, it felt so different from my boxers, I would always get a hard on and found that masturbating wearing girls underwear was fun too. The most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me happened wearing girls underwear. My favorite pair was my oldest sisters slinky little g-string. It was a nylon satin pair that was stretchy too. I was modeling in the bathroom mirror and thought no one was home when my older sister walked in and saw me wearing girls underwear, her g-string, I was in shock, my hard cock filled the tiny underwear and was in fact sticking out the top.

Instead of screaming at me she was so cool. She first told me they looked cute on me and I should not be embarrassed because lots of men wear ladies underwear, it’s not a big deal. She said I could keep them and had me come in the room with her.

I was ready to cry but she said she would not tell any one and opened her drawer and asked if there were any other underwear I would like to try on.

After that we were the closet of friends even to this day and I still will go shopping for girls underwear with her, she knows I love the styles and she always orders me

Koala swimwear for my birthdays and Christmas always our secret, but my guess is she love men in general who wear ladies underwear including her husband who wears the tiniest bikinis and thongs to the beach when we all go.

I Want to See Men Wearing Girl’s Underwear

Men wearing girl’s underwear has always kind of been a fetish of mine. I know a lot of people may think it’s a little odd, but I can’t help it. I am not sure if it’s the gender-bending, the beauty, or if it is because the men wearing girl’s underwear are somehow made less threatening, but to me it is incredibly attractive. I consider myself more of a top, and when I see men wearing girl’s underwear, I just want to dominate them a little. I talked to my boyfriend about this fetish and he finally agreed to try it out once. I could not keep my hands off of him. I grabbed him and threw him on top of the bed. I pulled his hair as I kissed him deeply. I trailed my mouth to his neck and gently bit him, one hand feeling his cock through the white lace panties he had on. I turned him over and pulled his panties to the side. I wanted them to stay on while I fucked him harder than I ever had before. Some things may seem taboo or strange initially, but if you just give them a chance, it may be exactly what you needed to liven up your sex life.

It's fun, sexy, exciting and normal!

Men wearing girls underwear

The funs about to begin!

At one time or another just about all men have fantasized about wearing girls underwear and most have taken the next step and tried them on. This site is not about the psychology of doing it but about the fun. We know it is a normal feeling and exploring your inner feminine nature is a wonderful journey. There are hundreds of sites that can give you detailed information about the why, what, how and all those other questions you have about the mental part of wearing these wonderful panties and spandex creations. We are about the fun and excitement. We are here to guide you to new creations, to help you explore things that excite and arouse you. There is an amazing selection of designs now available for men which actually duplicate the female experience. These are called male to female transformation designs and are available in tights, leggings, bikinis, thongs, G-strings, micro shorts and other designs that will put your sexy girls panties to shame. These are designs made to bring out a level of femininity you could not imagine. Let the fun begin!

Male to female transformation designs repackage the penis into a shape of a vagina.